2019 Brings a New Chef Partnership to VPI with Caramelized Sugars

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Happy New Year to everyone. Here at VPI, everything is new in 2019. A new year brings with fresh new ideas, new products and new faces to share with you all.

Thomas Griffiths, Certified Master Chef & Chef Junnie Lai cooking with
caramelized sugars in the VPI kitchen.

A Chef Partnership

VPI is thrilled to announce our partnership with Thomas Griffiths, Certified Master Chef (CMC) and Chef Junnie Lai at Global Cuisine Consulting. Our chef’s will be sharing their solutions to leveraging the full line of VPI caramelized sugars with their own recipes, tips & professional advice on how to kick up your flavor, clean up those labels and even influence the color in your next culinary creation. Chef Thomas Griffiths and Chef Junnie Lai, will cover topics from baked goods to savory foods and snack applications to softening/masking in nutraceuticals and so much more.

Stay in the know

How are we going to deliver all of this fantastic new information about using our caramelized sugars you ask? Well, we’re going to be filming video sessions of our chefs in action with our caramelized sugar products to distribute via all of the VPI social media platforms and websites. 2019 is the year you’re going to want to stay on top of everything going on with VPI, so be sure to click here and sign up for our eblasts, so you can begin to understand best how to best leverage these products for your own needs.

Have caramelized sugars will travel

Wait…don’t go yet, there’s more…In addition to the new product demonstration video’s, our chef’s will be traveling with us to a few select events this year. To kick everything off, our chefs will travel with VPI to the 2019 RCA in Louisville, Kentucky, March 13-15 and Chef Thomas Griffiths and Chef Junnie Lai will be using our products to create some tasty food creations with our caramelized sugar products that you can try and ask questions. As a result, look for a special email announcement in the coming weeks on specifics on the show and where to come and meet us at the 2019 RCA.

I’ll leave you now with some photos from our VPI kitchen featuring our chefs culinary creations using the full line of VPI products in an array of baking, sauces, dips, savory and beverages.

Until next time! Wishing you all the best for a fantastic 2019. Cheers!

Chef Junnie with her caramelized sugar inspired lemonade beverage. Created with just water, fresh lemons and some caramelized sugar powder. Delicious!
VPI caramelized sugar powder & syrup ingredients line the working countertop as
our chefs prepare some special dishes.
Creating baked cupcakes and cookies with caramelized sugars.
Chef Thomas Griffiths and Greg D’Auria talking caramelized sugar ingredients in the kitchen.
Cream puff dessert created with caramelized sugar–pastry, filling and topping.

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