Food Segments

• Baking • Bars • Beverages • Chocolate • Coffee • Dairy
• Ice Cream • Nutraceuticals • Pet • Salad Dressings • Soup and Sauce • Spirits

Bar Development

VPI offers a range of plant-based caramelized ingredients that checks all the right boxes to deliver elevated flavor modifications, enhanced mouthfeel and cleaner labels while targeting food categories such as Organic, Fair-Trade, Plant-Based, Vegan, Keto, natural flavor and reduced sugar, to name a few.

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Versatile Ingredient Bar benefits using Caramelized Ingredients:

  • Flavor Enhancement
  • Binding Capabilities
  • Natural Flavor Label
  • Low CIU & Cost Savings
  • International Flavoring
  • Sugar Reduction Potential
  • Masking Properties
  • Plant-Based

Not every segment / application be be represented here.
This information is offered solely for your own research and consideration. Please call or email VPI for customized solutions.