Our Caramelized Sugars are that little “extra something” you need added to your food or beverage products to achieve an extra kick of flavoring. Since our products are known as being quite versatile, you can also count on caramelized sugars to effectivly mask off-notes and plant proteins. What’s more…our caramelized sugars are applied at low usage rates and provide big benefits including incidental color. Now that’s brilliant!

VPI’s Caramelized Sugar Syrups & Powders differ significantly from Caramel Color in flavor contribution, function and process, and provide many options for clean and simple ingredient labeling.  These ingredients have a range of unique and distinct flavor profiles and color – those products with less caramelization are sweeter and lighter while those with more caramelization provide deeper, roasted notes and darker appearance.  The inherent color provided by VPI’s Caramelized Sugar Syrups & Powders is considered a secondary or incidental color while VPI’s clean label caramel colors are available for your coloring challenges.


Product Color Value (HUE) Range

Not every coloring scenario can can anticipated nor can every segment / application be be represented here.
This information is offered solely for your own research and consideration. Please call or email us for customized solutions.

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