Our Caramelized Sugars are that little “extra something” you need added to your food or beverage products to achieve an extra kick of flavoring. Since our products are known as being quite versatile, Caramelized Sugars can also impart color and thus anyone can use our Caramelized Sugar products to replace caramel colorings. A single ingredient solution, that delivers a clean, consumer-satisfying label. Now that’s brilliant!

We hear every day how consumers feel about artificial colors in their foods and beverages. So to utilize our Caramelized Sugars to phase out unnatural synthetics and impart color while eliminating caramel colorings is a win-win all around.

Our high-grade line of Caramelized Sugar products can widely range in color, from a lightly browned caramel to a very dark value one might find in a rich cola beverage. Controlling this type of value range with your colorings gives you the creative freedom to utilize Versatile Products and Ingredients Caramelized Sugar products in virtually any food or beverage application you can imagine.

Our Caramelized Sugar applications and coloring charts below highlight some potential application suggestions and expansive coloring possibilities to replace caramel coloring.

The Brilliance of Flavor and Color

Product Color Value (HUE) Range

Not every coloring scenario can can anticipated nor can every segment / application be be represented here.
This information is offered solely for your own research and consideration. Please call or email us for customized solutions.

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