Protein Issues?

Millions of us are enjoy healthier lives by consuming beverages and foods fortified with proteins. Pea & Whey proteins are some of the most common found in health products such as Shakes, Drinks, Bars or Snacks just to name a few. Even though there’s endless choices when it comes...
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Take the Whipped Cream Challenge

VERSATILE PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS CHALLENGES YOU TO A TASTY TEST! It’s simple. Take plain ol’ whipped cream, add a few drops of our Caramelized Sugar syrups or powders, give it a stir and WOAH.  Experience a variety of flavor profiles. Your challenge… How many flavors can you enhance? Need...
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  by thecaramelexperts FOODIES, HAPPY NATIONAL BERRY MONTH! BERRIES! What better way to show appreciation then enhancing those berry notes in your applications?! We recommend our VPI-035-CANE and 77/085-11. Both syrups are between a light and medium roast, on the golden-light brown side of the color spectrum, adding a sweet,...

It’s Crunch Time

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We know you work so hard to continuously bring new, tasty ideas to our tables. Your relentless dedication to formulate new products has not gone unrecognized. Well my friends, you are not alone! With that, we are pleased to inform you VPI has five new products! Are you ready...
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