Learn about Caramelized Sugars in Food and Beverage Systems

Greg D’Auria and Junnie Lai break down the benefits of Caramelized Sugars and why you should be using them for your food or beverage development. These ingredients are natural and effective for flavoring and taste modification. Explore why caramelized sugars are not used as a sweetener and why caramelized sugars are different than caramel color.

Taking the Caramelized Sugar Whipped Cream Challenge

Request a sample of one of VPI’s Caramelized Sugar syrups, put your favorite whipped cream into four small cups and then add drops of the Caramelized Sugar Syrup to three of the cups (leaving one cup without the syrup as the “control” cup). You’ll immediately notice a huge different in flavor from the single drop to the three drops cup. In addition you’ll visually see the incidental color you receive. Very low usage rate (.25-2%) is the key to using these ingredients.

Using Caramelized Sugars
in Protein Drinks and Desserts

This video breaks down the benefits of using Caramelized Sugars to help mask the off-note flavors that are associated with added protein (such as pea protein and whey) in drinks, powders and dairy.

Savory Applications with Caramelized Sugars

Our Caramelized Sugars are used to enhance the flavor of meats such as salmon or steak. Chef Junnie and Greg D’Auria break down how to create meat rubs, tenderizers and marinades using Caramelized Sugar natural ingredients and improve your flavor profile.

Baking Gluten-Free Bread with Caramelized Sugar

Bake with Caramelized Sugars to modify your flavors in gluten-free breads. Plan for the incidental color gained from Caramelized Sugars in your food or beverage system.