Dessert Before Dinner, Always.

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Living on my own for the first time in college really taught me a lot. Plan ahead always, preparation is key, acquire impeccable time management or you will fail out of this Biology program and lose your starting position (daily pep talk), put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to fail sometimes… I could go on forever, as I could not be any more grateful for my experiences and growth during those four years of my life. Oh, those were the good days.

How’d that sound? Responsible I hope.

Okay, here’s the real scoop. What I REALLY appreciated…

No one yelled at me for leaving the bathroom light on, I could blast my AC whether I was in the apartment or not, let my laundry overflow a little, and best of all… I could eat ice cream every single meal of the day if I wanted to. I mean, I’m talking Chunky Monkey, Mint Chocolate Chip, and when I was feeling extra crazy… Rocky Road with extra chocolate syrup. Mmh, it was like a taste of triple chocolate heaven!

You could have guessed at that rate, eventually the taste got old and the scale quickly told me the “Ice Cream Monster” needed to take a seat and relax.

My ice cream infatuation resurfaced when I was introduced to our newer EFP and VPI products. I know I’ve already introduced our delicious, flavor boosting crystals and flakes for baking and snack applications; but have you guys considered applying them to your newest ice cream ideas?

Coffee Caramel Crystals, Crunchy Caramel Chips, Mint Caramel Crystals, Lemon Caramel Crystals, adding the perfect crunch and flavor to every bite. We also introduced a Salted Caramel Paste that will give you an incredible swirl inclusion. Did I mention these ingredients can be labeled as Natural Flavor?

Around this time, I’m sure the wheels are well into spinning with innovative ideas for next year’s ice cream market. Ice Cream lovers like myself are calling out for new ice cream! Shock our taste buds, what can our ice cream innovators come up with next? Let our new products assist with your inspiration. Contact us today & try these Caramelized Sugar Products for yourself. It may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Until next time. Thanks for reading!


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