How To: Spice it Up!


As we are rapidly approaching a new school year and another change in season, I think it’s time to chat about SPICES.

Have you tried out the Caramelized Sugar Powder products yet?! Our powder products here at VPI will fit perfectly in your dry mix applications.

We have options.

  • 75/300 Caramelized Sugar Powder
  • 75/700K Caramelized Sugar Powder
  • WS-100-SS Sugar on Sugar Powder
  • FK40 Caramelized Milk Powder

Brainstorming and doodling for this week’s blog led me to look up some of this year’s flavor trends and this is what I found.

  • Spicy – continues to satisfy. Sriracha, jalapeño, chipotle

Chipotle flavored everything! Who’s going to come up with a chipotle flavored popcorn? Anyone?

  • Flowers, Fruits, and Veggies – mango, coconut, hibiscus, lavender

Have you guys heard of playa bowls? You know, the trendy looking yogurt parfait bowlsplaya bowl with decorative flowers and fruit. So yum.

The scoop: as coconut continues to grow in popularity, some think cucumber might become the trendiest of the year.

  • Smoked flavor – meats, fish, visually appealing grills marks even.

“Rounded and more aged characteristics” seem to be a new fan favorite. Fun fact: Smoky trends aren’t just for food! Distillers are enhancing alcoholic beverages with oak essence to achieve those rounded and aged notes.

The best part of this information you may ask? Caramelized Sugar products can easily blend with these systems. Our traditional European caramelized sugars and specialty products can be used to enhance and flavor all types of savory and spice applications.

Enhance, smooth and round flavors while enhancing visual appeal. Improve mouth feel, reduce acid notes and expand flavor richness.

Now… doesn’t that all sound great on this lovely Friday afternoon. Don’t you think?

You won’t realize the power of these products until you give them a try.

Make today the day – give us a call and let’s brainstorm about how you plan to “spice it up”.

Lovely weekend to all!

Until next time, stay spicy.


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