Success in Savannah with caramelized sugar


RCA, thank you for welcoming Versatile Product and Ingredients (VPI) to Savannah with our caramelized sugar specialty products and for expanding our knowledge of this wonderful Food Industry, and for celebrating together, like the professional rock stars we all are.

A month later and I am still dreaming of the Spanish moss that gracefully laid on the biggest Oak Trees I’ve ever seen.

As we walked through Savannah there was no escaping the history, and Spirits, still lingering through the cobble stone streets.

As first-time exhibitors, the show was nothing short of successful. People seemed to love our Spicy Salted Caramel dipping sauce and our White chocolate drops with Coffee Caramel Flakes. We even had some WS-100-SS winners spin our BRAND NEW Flavor Wheel for prizes.

If you can imagine, all the booths were tastefully extravagant and Chefs from all over lit up the show room with beautiful energy. Take a look for yourself.

One thing was for sure, no way we were going hungry during this Culinology Expo. Innovation, looking beyond trends, and experimenting with new flavors overflowed the show room.

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