Ignite the WOW! with Real…Natural Caramelized Sugar Ingredients


We’re Enterprise Food Products (EFP), the #CaramelizedSugarExperts. Caramelized syrups and powders to take any food or beverage development project to new heights with natural flavor modifications.  EFP’s caramelized sugar products are crafted real sugar, all natural and nothing synthetic. We’re all non-gmo caramelized sugar, just a small amount delivers unmatched benefits, such as sugar and sodium reduction potential, off-note masking capabilities, etc. Our ingredients are highly effective in any type of beverage and/or food project and ignite the WOW!

Plant-Based Caramelized Sugars
EFP’s products have been made the same way for well more than one-hundred years. Our caramelized ingredients are arguably the finest and most impactful plant-based flavor modifier available today. Sucrose is extracted from either the cane or beet plant and then caramelized into either a syrup or a powder. We’re real, natural sugar in water, caramelized to just perfect level every time and consistent in every way, flavor to color, viscosity to texture, we’re a complimenting component to any flavor system, and simple to integrate into any formulation.

Caramelized Sugar Ingredients: Versatility for your innovations:

  • Natural Flavor Modifications
  • All Non-GMO
  • Sugar Reduction Capabilities
  • Plant-Based
  • Rounding, Brightening
  • Highly Effective Masking Properties (proteins and CBD)
  • Low CIU (Cost Effective)
  • Organic Options
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Reduce Sugar using Real, Natural Caramelized Sugars
It’s simple really, some EFP caramelized sugars will enhance sweeter profiles, allowing you to reduce your table sugar usage while other products may be more suited for elevating the impact of sodium, thus giving you the ability to reduce your usage of salt. Just adding in a small amount of one of EFP’s caramelized sugar ingredients can round out and elevate flavor profiles in any beverages, foods, and/or pet food development project.

Beverages, foods, CBD edibles, nutrition bars, pet foods, gummies, soups, sauces and so much more. You can easily check off multiple boxes from any application list and realize you can use caramelized sugars in just about any R&D scenario and enjoy multiple benefits every time relating your flavor developments. We’re pretty sure you’ll be hard pressed to find another real, natural ingredient such as caramelized sugars that can offer so much in the way of reach and versatility in flavoring development benefits.

You Have Options
There are many options when it comes to selecting the right caramelized sugar for a specific project and anyone who works with EFP’s ingredients, has their favorite ingredient to work with. Liquid or dry, from the lightly caramelized cane products that typically favor the enhancement of a sweeter profile, then all the way to a much more heavily caramelized profile yielding and edgy bitterness profile. Each ingredient offers its own unique set of features to get the job done. But in the end caramelized syrups and powders EFP are all non-gmo with organic and fair-trade to choose from for any development scenario you may have on the bench.

Caramelized ingredients are a low cost in use natural…real ingredient. It’s sugar but don’t call caramelized sugars a sweetener. We’re a low usage rate flavor modifier that can enhance sweetness profiles by just using a small amount. We label as natural flavor, Non-GMO and our ingredients offer the potential for sodium and sugar reduction. Caramelized ingredients are the total package to drive home all your clean label and flavor development needs.

Just call or email today to consult with any of our #caramelizedsugarexperts on your R&D flavor development project. Our sales team members are also happy to schedule a personal virtual demo as well. We mail you everything needed to experience caramelized sugar ingredients, application suggestions andignite the WOW! in your next innovative food or beverage flavor creation.

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