Caramelized Sugar Ingredients, Cost Effective, Versatile, Readily Available


Is the growing unknown and not being able to secure the ingredients you need to complete your formulation getting to you? Supply chain issues are everywhere these days. Fortunately, here at Versatile Products and Ingredients, VPI we are well stocked with our plant-based caramelized sugar syrups and powders that have multiple benefits that allow you to reduce your standard formula costs despite rising prices.

  • Are you having trouble sourcing the quantity of vanilla you need? Our plant-based Caramelized Sugar syrups and powders can enhance your vanilla flavors so you can actually reduce the level of vanilla required and can be a cost saver as well.
  • Is the issue with poor fruit crops delaying your latest ice cream or yogurt innovation? Our ingredients can enhance and modify flavors to brighten their overall taste and mask any undesirable notes.
  • Are your suppliers servicing their larger clients before you? You won’t have to wait in line for our ingredients they are available and ready to ship.
  • If your goal is to reduce sugar on your label, we have the answer for that too. Our plant-based Caramelized Sugar syrups and powders are extremely impactful at low usage levels and can assist to reduce the amount of overall sugar you use. Lower your sugar without losing flavor!
  • Can you name another product that can enhance flavors, mask undesirable notes, provide incidental color, assist in reducing sugar and sodium, and be labeled under Natural Flavor? The answer is probably no.

Our ingredients are stocked in Mt. Olive, NJ, and are readily available to be the cost-effective KEY to your formulations. Reach out to any of our caramelized sugar experts via email our VPI contact page today!

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